Last night I came home to these surprises. My lady had made me these necklaces! Since she enjoyed doing it, we are going to sell them on the website when it’s up and running. What do you guys think? What kinds of designs would you like? We will do custom orders, you can choose your chain colour and your design as well.

Parcels, parcels, parcels and SALE!

I’m expecting to get ALOT of parcels this week. This was the first installment, plus there is another package waiting at Australia post for me. Not only am I waiting for supplies, but I’ve also started ordering Christmas gifts (my poor credit card). One of my presents for my partner arrived today, and since she has been so amazing and supportive through a lot of health issues I’m dealing with at the moment, I decided she gets one of her little gifts today. I hope she likes it.

Anyway, I’ve been waiting to receive this big box, it’s been the thing I’m most excited about, my candle making supplies! Ripping open this box was the best thing I’ve done all day!

All of my supplies are starting to take over our kitchen cupboards, it’s so awesome. This little cupboard is perfect for my candle making supplies. Look how cute the little containers are! I found this great website that I ordered from that not only sell supplies, but also do little ‘how to’ videos, I know what I’ll be watching tomorrow! I’m hoping to do my first round of candle trials tomorrow, but since I’m stuck at home with my illnesses, I have to do some little assessments for my teachers at TAFE. Hopefully I have enough time to do some trials though, I’ve been wanting to do candle making for years! I bought a scent from the same store, it’s Fig and Melon. It’s pretty incredible! I opened the lid and was in heaven. I’m definitely going to have to keep a candle for myself. 

This is what my other cupboard looks like, opening the door is like my personal cupboard sized Narnia. Now it holds my little creations of lip balm and mini body lotion ‘bars’. It also holds my recipes which I’m pulling parts from each to come up with the best and most fun ways to make each concoction. I’m definitely loving creating all of these fun homemade goodies. How can you be sad when your kitchen smells like heaven and you can make beautiful things that make you and everyone else smell delicious? That’s right, it’s impossible. 

If anybody would like me to send them a little trial of something they would like to try, I’m going to offer the first 10 people one or two things they would like to try, for a small price. I’ll pay for shipping, and you just tell me what you would like to try. 

Message me and I’ll tell you the scents. Below I’ll say what I am ready to make.

Options are:

1. Mini lip balm (3g) - $2.50 

2. Mini lotion bar (1-3 same or different scents) - $4.00

3. Lotion (just waiting to get the containers) - $4.50

4. Fig and Melon Soy Candle - $4.80

What other products do you think I should offer? This is just what I am trialling so far but there will be more options are I broaden my trial rounds. 

My Christmas mini lotion bars are all done. I covered them with cling wrap and now they are in the cupboard. Very happy with how they turned out. There’s a snowman, star, tree and another star. Aren’t they beautiful!!

Mini Lotion Bars - Brown Sugar and Fig

After making the lip balms, I wanted to try another product and decided to make mini lotion bars. Lotion bars are a solid moisturiser. They look like soap, they melt at body temperature so you need to keep them at room temperature or lower. Mine are all organic, and I will be also trialling vegan lotion bars, so that everyone can buy them from me and not miss out! They are extremely moisturising because they are filled with coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E oil and fragrances. Unfortunately this round has beeswax in them, so vegans cannot buy this product, but look out for vegan versions! 

My poor beeswax, because of how hard it is, I had to dig into it with a knife, thankfully I have ordered beeswax ‘pellets’ so I won’t have to attack this one so much. I’ll be using these tubs for my lip balm so I don’t need very much. 

The melting process took about 20 minutes, because I obviously didn’t want to burn any of it, so my stove was on the lowest setting. I wanted to make this batch as a Christmas Lotion Bar, but I didn’t want it to be a typical Christmas scent. My Aunty, my Mum and I love figs so much and whenever we see my Aunty, we always buy figs and eat them on their own. For some reason, because Australia has Christmas in summer, I always think of figs when I think of Christmas. Because of this, I decided my Christmas scent for my Christmas products will be Brown Sugar and Fig. 

When it all melted down to liquid, I added in the delicious fig fragrance and this is what it looked like as soon as I put the liquid in. 

20 minutes later, this is what they looked like. I have to leave them for a few hours, and then when I get them out, I’ll be keeping them in the cupboard so they don’t melt. I’ll put up a picture when they are out. The only thing I’ll have to change about my recipe is that the smell is very faint, so I’ll have put more in. I obviously don’t want them to be potent, but I want it to be more fragrant. 

Lotion bars are amazing, so I’ll have to steal one for myself! 

- JP

Organic Homemade Lip Balm

I made two batches of lip balm, one for sensitive lips without any fragrances and the other is Rosemary Mint, since my housemate wanted me to make some with the Rosemary Mint oil. I’m giving the Sensitive Lip Balm to my Mum tomorrow to see if she gets any reaction, since she has the most sensitive lips in the world.

The melting process went pretty quickly, since I obviously didn’t need very much liquid. My trial lip balm containers are only 3g so when it was all melted down there was only about half a centimetre of liquid. 

Filling the mini containers was a lot easier than I thought, I read that I had to use pipettes to fill them, but since mine hadn’t arrived yet, I just used a tiny container to pour it in and there was no mess. Above is the Sensitive Lips lip balm. 

Above is the Rosemary and Mint Lip Balm. I put about 10 drops in and they smell amazing! I gave my housemate one, and I gave my other housemate (who is my best friend) one to give to his friend who is getting married today (nothing like self promotion). 

The lip balm turned out a lot better than I expected and there was virtually no mess which was good. The only funny thing was that all of the containers and items I used are now so slippery, so hopefully my dish washer can clean that all up for me. The other good thing about any left over shea butter and coconut oil was that I lathered the rest onto my legs.

I filled 11 lip balm containers, I only made four of the Rosemary and Mint so now there is only 2 left.

- JP 


Hi I’m Jes Pearl aka JP, and I am opening an store on 1 January 2014. This tumblr is to post my trials of my products and to post pretty pictures of all the goodies I make. I start my first round of lip balm trials tomorrow, and so I thought it would be a good idea to make a Tumblr to watch my journey through all the trial and errors. Everything I post on here before January will only be seen on here, so you will see everything before I even put them on Madeit! 

I’d love to chat to other homemade goodie makers and to just have alot of fun. 

Wish me luck tomorrow!

- JP